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  1. Team Ethno

    TeamEthno-Online was an informal, web-based journal created in 2001 at Lancaster University. Two issues were created, the first focusing on ethnomethodological studies of work, the second on ethnographic studies of programming. The papers on TeamEthno were all work-in-progress; many represent early versions of work that has gone on to be published in quality journals elsewhere.

  2. War Stories

    This is a collection of incidents of problems and their solutions that have been observed during various stages of the deployment process of different systems within healthcare.

  3. Patterns Of Cooperative Interaction

    This website is a collection of patterns arising out of the Patterns of Cooperative Interaction project. This project, situated at Lancaster, sought to specifically address how similar findings from different ethnographic field studies of work and technology can be extracted from those studies and compared and contrasted. As ethnographers of some years experience we are aware that we see similar phenomena and practices arising from similar arrangements of work in different settings. Patterns are meant to be a way of making our knowledge of this more visible and accessible for a range of practitioners. Hopefully, this provides a new and more simple point of access to a range of studies and will serve to introduce the reader to some of the sensitivities we, as ethnographers, routinely consider.

  4. Patterns of interaction in eXtreme Programming (XP)

    This website collects patterns derived from an analysis of the cooperative activities that characterise an instantiation of the agile software development methodology ExtremeProgramming (XP) in a small software production house, located in Manchester, UK. Aspects of the work arrangements and teamwork activities are described as, and related to the Patterns of Cooperative Interaction detailed in the POINTER project.

  5. Making Ethnography Accessible

    This is a tutorial originally developed by Dave Randall (Manchester Metropolitan University) and links to a number of online resources on ethnographic methods. It was originally developed as part of the DITC activity focused on 'Making Ethnography Accessible'.

  6. DIRC - Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Dependability

    The Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Dependability aimed to address the dependability of computer-based systems. This website has an overview of the project, those involved and a listing of DIRC publications.

  7. LSCITS - Large Scale Complex IT Systems Homepage

    This is the website for the Large-Scale Complex IT Systems (LSCITS) Project, with a list of publications, collaborators and other project details.