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Securing Medical Data in Smart Patient-Centric Healthcare Systems

Healthcare management is an increasingly complex, multi practitioner driven entity, precipitating a pressing need to collect and share highly confidential and personal medical data, obtained from a variety of sources; including personal medical devices. Data sharing may be necessary through a variety of means, including public networks and other systems, whose security cannot be implicitly trusted. Patients rightly expect full privacy, except where permission has been explicitly given, but they equally expect to be provided with the best possible medical treatment. Evidence suggests that integrating home-based healthcare into a holistic treatment plan is more cost effective, reduces travel-associated risks and costs, and increases the quality of health-care provision, by allowing the incorporation of more frequent home-, work- and environment-based monitoring and testing into medical diagnostics. There is a strong and urgent demand to deliver better, more efficient and more effective healthcare solutions that can achieve excellent patient-centric healthcare provision, while also complying with increasingly strict regulations on the use and sharing of patient data. This provision needs to be multi-site, crossing traditional physical and professional boundaries of hospitals, health centers, home and workplace, and even national borders. It needs to engage hospitals, medical practitioners, consultants and other specialists, as well as incorporating patient-provided data that is produced by personal monitoring devices, health-care apps, environmental monitoring etc. This creates huge pressures. The goal of the SERUMS project is to put patients at the center of future health-care provision, enhancing their personal care,and maximizing the quality of treatment that they can receive, while ensuring trust in the security and privacy of their confidential medical data

It is the role of the University of St Andrews, under the leadership of Dr Juliana Bowles to coordinate the Serums Project. Serums forms part of the Horizon 2020 initiative and combines the expertise of our ten partners across seven countries. The Serums project aims to center future healthcare provision around patient need, enhancing personal care, and maximizing treatment quality, while ensuring patient trust in the security and privacy of their confidential medical data.

The concrete objectives of the Serums project are:

Grant agreement ID: 826278

1 January 2019 – 30 June 2022

Funded under H2020-EU. budget €4 370 062,50 EU contribution €4 370 05

Coordinated by the University of St Andrews